Our work focuses on seamlessly combining two primary art forms: sculpture and music. The aim; to create large scale immersive installations with a focus on space, sound, tactility, and touch. The audience’s participation and interaction are at the heart of what we do. Our ethos is 'People are a third to Music and Art,’ you cannot have one without the other two. We do not see ourselves as two artists working to facilitate interactive artwork, but rather a collaboration of cross disciplinary practitioners, dedicated to how an audience can directly influence our work.  

Photographer @vogonlaundromat

Although our artwork is created to be engaging for all, being young people ourselves we are aware of the disenfranchisement many people of our generation and younger feel towards the arts and music today. These are the people who will be carrying forward our artistic and cultural significance, something that is being lost due to a lack of funding, community access and engagement with the arts. We are driven to provide young people with experiences in art forms they might have otherwise missed. Through our immersive pieces as well as working alongside potential partners we will create and provide educational workshops to inspire future creatives. 

Photographer @vogonlaundromat

Natalie Roe – Composer and Sound Designer 
I am Natalie Roe, a composer and sound designer with an explorative approach to music, leading me to constantly discover and be fascinated by new sounds. Collaboration is at the heart of my work. As someone who loves and enjoys creating visual art, the invisibility of audio enables a huge opportunity to incorporate this in my work. My previous work includes interdisciplinary projects such as composing for catwalk and puppetry shows, BBC Short Films and large-scale installations including surround sound for Helsinki’s Iiris Institute. With training in both acoustic and electronic composition, in a variety of genres, I combine these to create innovative sound worlds. The importance of collaborating with other individuals is something which I encompass in my practise whether this be with professional orchestras, musicians, dancers, sculptors and beyond.  
Furthermore, I have a huge passion for community outreach and inspiring the next generation of creatives. This became particularly relevant when composing and performing in the Flying Bedroom Theatre Show and seeing children’s first reaction to the arts after years without it during lockdown. Without eradicating traditions, I feel some have become inaccessible to certain audiences and I am enthusiastic about shinning a new light on this. Revitalising the arts and taking music and art outside the concert hall and art gallery is vital to be able to connect with all members of the community. 

Louis Smith - Designer & Maker 
My name is Louis Smith, I am a sculptor and maker with an interest in anything hands on or messy. I am most at home working on something so big you cannot tell what it is until you are standing far away from it. I have found my feet working in and around the theatre and performance industry, creating large scenic props and other made objects for companies in and around South Wales such as the BBC and National Theatre Wales ranging from, fully mechanised puppets to enormous hats. I also have a keen interest in performance and musicianship which I attempt to integrate into my own work as much as possible. Growing up in an area which up until recently has been underfunded in the arts I have a keen interest in community-based art and workshops. I have worked alongside companies to create accessible art within local communities for everyone to see. All my work is designed to be touched and interacted with; my goal is to remove that ‘do not touch’ mentality that is ingrained in us from an early age when looking at public art. I am focused on figuring out how we can change the arts industry for the better so that everyone is able to access it. 

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